The most amazing pavilions at EXPO 2015

Most amazing pavilions at expo 2015

Considering that to know in depth every detail of each pavilion takes days and days of visits and that a first visit can hardly exhaust every nuance and beauty of the countries around the world. What we propose below are our first impressions of the most amazing pavilions at EXPO 2015

Surely in the coming months we will fall in love with each of the pavilions in the exposition – I’m sure – and certainly we will not miss to let you know.

The first two months have passed, and as promised, we show you new perspectives on the architecture of Expo 2015. Personally, every time I visit the exhibition I go around taking photos as a child and I wouldn’t stop even to eat, (even if the also the restaurants are so attractive).

In this updated list, you will find three new pavilions and some new photos of those already present. And if you haven’t been there yet, don’t waste time and come in Milan. Because it’s worth it


United Kingdom

UK Pavilion - EXPO Milano 2015
Because the lights correspond to real bees belonging to a real beehive in which the system is connected through a new technology invented fot this occasion – which will be used to monitor the health of the bees in the future in different farms


Austria Pavilion
Because it is difficult to avoid falling into banality proposing a lot of green, but they have succeeded very well, also activating it.


Expo Milano
Because walking on a physical network is the dream of every child, but also of every adult.


Russia Pavilion - EXPO Milano 2015
Thanks to the access road that attracts visitors


Japan Pavilion - EXPO Milano 2015
Built entirely dry and for the endless Japanese culture.


Italian Pavilion
The only pavilion that will remain. It impressed us with its large courtyard and its organic passages from where you can access.


France Pavilion
For how it can use the ceiling and to redefine its relationship with the floor. Really cool.


Marocco Pavilion
More for what it contains, ie smells and essences that can teleport the visitor to hundreds of kilometers away.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Pavilion - EXPO Milano 2015
For the algorithm that the design studio Foster + Partners has used to draw the dunes on the facade. Yes, because it takes the natural shape of the sand dunes, and the entrance to the pavilion is a further expression of this intent. I must say that is one of the pavilions that has created one of the best atmospheres


Estonia Pavilion - EXPO Milano 2015
Because it is a space really permeable, both horizontally and vertically. In addition, the facade towards the main street has a great visual impact and holds up the confrontation with neighboring Russian Pavilion very well. The swings are a plus


Ecuador Pavilion - EXPO Milano 2015
Because looking at it from far looks like a billboard created just to attract attention, but going closer you notice how the facade is done and you will be pleasantly surprised …

Czech Republic Pavilion

EXPO Czech Republic


Nepal Pavilion
Because woodworkers are really excellent and because we think about the disaster that hit the country a few days before the inauguration.

Where are they?

Where are the most amazing pavilions

All photographs ©Luca Onniboni – (do whatever you want, reminding us)

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