The impact of Expo on web

After two months since the opening, it’s time to realize how impactful is Expo on web and socials. It seems a very difficult task, but Domus, with the assistance of Voices from the Blogs – a spin-off of Milan University and a leader in Big Data analytics – was able to monitor visitor trends and opinions on the Universal Exposition Pavilions. They analysed nearly 1.7 million posts appeared on web over the past 60 days. The results are the following:

Expo 2015 on web

This analysis shows also relevant differences between local visitors (who write mostly in Italian) and international ones. Italians are definitely food-oriented, while tourists appreciate first of all architecture.

Expo 2015 on web

Expo social media (3)

In the lists we see that there are also differences in the preferences of the architectures. While for those who write in English the most popular pavilions are the ones of UK and United Arab Emirates – and I agree, especially for UK – for the Italians, the preferences moving on Austria, Brazil and China, perhaps because these are the ones that at first sight also affect those who are not interested in architecture.

Via Domus