EXPO 2015 | United Kingdom Pavilion (Our favorite)

EXPO UK Pavilion

Architect: Wolfgang Buttress

Concept of the United Kingdom Pavilion: “Visitors will take part in an immersive experience through a British orchard and wildflower meadow with typical native plant species, moving onto a 17 metre high stylised bee hive in the form of an aluminium sphere. The hive is made up of over 180,000 components and weighs 30 tonnes. Visitors will be surrounded by sounds and lights flickering in response to movements within a real bee hive based in the UK. This ground breaking UK technology, developed by Dr Martin Bencisik at Nottingham Trent University, monitors the health of bee hives and helps to solve the challenge of sustaining bee populations – vital to pollination and feeding the planet.”via expo2015.org

EXPO UK Pavilion (1)


EXPO UK Pavilion (3)



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