Torre Arcobaleno Milano – The “Rainbow Tower” near Porta Nuova

Torre Arcobaleno

The “Torre Arcobaleno” is located in Milan, near the Porta Garibaldi Railway Station. It is 35 meters high, and it was built in 1964. In this post we’re going to tell you about this particular architecture and reveal some aspects of its backstory.

The actual name – Torre Arcobaleno (rainbow tower) – is not the original name. In his early life the purpose of this building was to served merely as a reservoir for water to be allocated to the station.

The history of this tower is articulated through three different phases. In the eighties the tower lost its function and it was decided to demolish it. On the occasion of the 1990 World Cup (played in Italy), it was decided to change direction and restore it: this intervention covered the tower with colorful tiles and only then it took its present name, Torre Arcobaleno.

After the World Cup, the Rainbow Tower underwent a new phase of deterioration, losing many of its tiles. Fortunately, last year, thanks to EXPO Milano 2015the tower has been restored again: the work made it possible to fix about 100 thousand tiles of 14 different colors.

In these pictures you can see the current status of this truly unique tower. For further information visit

Torre Arcobaleno

Arcobaleno Milano

Arcobaleno Milano

Torre Milano

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