Tactical Urbanism in Milan by Apicultura Studio

Recently we came across this urban intervention in the city of Milan and as often happens, curiosity and admiration for what we see leads us to deepen and share with our readers!

The occasion was the recent initiative “Colora la strada”, a project promoted by the Municipality of Milan, with the aim of restoring urban quality and encouraging new uses of the recently pedestrianized section of Via Reni in front of the nursery school in Via Reni 1.

A project with the noble purpose of making the most of this space by giving it to those who make the most use of that portion of the city: children!

Apicultura Studio, together with the School, the association Retake Milan, the help of several volunteers, collaborated on the project by proposing a new design of the street inspired by avant-garde artists of the early twentieth century, such as Kandinsky and Mirò.

We actively participated in the participatory workshop where even the students of the primary school in Via Reni in Milan were able to contribute to the design choices by identifying their favourite games.

Below is a series of images of the intervention carried out by the Apicultura Studio. To find out more follow them on Instagram, on their website and, of course, take a ride in via Reni!

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