EXPO 2015 | Italy Pavilion

Italy Pavilion

Architect: Nemesis & Partners Srl, Proger SpA, BMS Progetti Srl and Ing. De Santoli

Concept of the Italy Pavilion: “The architecture, with its casing and volumetric joints, takes on the appearance of an urban forest of branches where visitors can experience and discover impressive views. Its four blocks lay out real urban scenes that surround the large central square, which acts as a place of welcome and a symbol of community, the starting point of the exhibition. Again, the concept of the tree is revisited here, with a crowning glass canopy made of solar panels.”via expo2015.org

Italy Pavilion

Italy Pavilion

Italian Pavilion

EXPO Italy

EXPO Italian Pavilion (6)

EXPO Italy Pavilion (7)

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