Dying Architecture, when nature win

In relatively recent fight Nature vs Civilization, the nature sometimes succeeds. Recovers its space and is able to live out of the reach of man. Thus becomes again uncontaminated nature, a nature that man fears and admires.

The world is full of such examples, and despite all the human activity that perpetuates the man, nature is always able to get up and move on. And in the end always wins the battle Nature vs Civilization.

Here a series of images.

Nature vs Civilization

This abandoned mall in Bangkok, Thailand – The mall was closed in 1997, and a fire in 1999 left it without a roof. Thanks to the rain, now the aquarium has become a wonderful habitat for thousands of fish. Photographer Jesse Rockwell

Source: thisiscolossal – dailymail – boredpanda


Train tracks of the “Little Belt” railroad (La Petite Ceinture). Now it is a piece of third landscape for the happiness of Gillès Clement

Source: messynessychic


Wild Concrete is a photographic series of Romain Jacquet-Lagreze that has been published as a photo book in May 2014.

Source: rjl-art


Old Mill, Sorrento – Photographer Jason Wallace

Source: 500px


Nature vs Civilization

La petite ceinture, once a railway  – Paris

Source: pierrefolk

Ghost city in Ukraine

Pripyat, Ukraine – 3 Km far from Chernobyl

Source: castlemaineindependent


Abandoned ship

Source: flickr

Nature vs Civilization

An abandoned station in Asia

Source: flickr


Source: flickr


On the cover: An abandoned house on the ocean

Source: englishrussia