The human being fears the wild nature

Taking care of the landscape. An artificial care, undertaken to the extreme. Everyone takes part to this process, as we can see from the “high line” case, where citizens stopped the demolition because that place was part of their usual. The human being feels the need to modify the landscape and to know what surrounds him, in details. This is the same need that push him to decorate his home and take possession of the places of his life. The landscape, however, goes beyond this. Nature has its energy, that is independent from the human beings, it comes before us and doesn’t need any planning, except the organic laws. To support this freedom, landscape can be let at its natural state, as in “time garden” installation.

In the architectural environment, however, nature needs to follow a precise plan. It has to be included in the urban fabric. Project and nature meet in our world – to satisfy the human need of acknowledgment, to make the park of the city more people- oriented. Whoever lives among giant made of glass and iron, walks on asphalt roads and lives in technological environments, would be scared by a forest. He or she could not understand the spontaneity of nature when everything is ordered and schematized by rules.


In this perspective, the man risks losing the contact with the original landscape, created by nature. On the other hand, it is also true that planners can “augment the reality” of these places. Architects, artists, designers and gardeners can create different microcosms with multiple purposes. If a forest itself is the green space and reminds adventures and unknown worlds, a urban park is a place where adults and children, students and workers, lovers and friends, can go and do whatever they want. Thanks to the various services offered. And the urban man always needs to have services at his fingertips.

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