Some of the best architecture photographers on Instagram

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Architecture Photographers to follow on Instagram

We all know Instagram. Since the world of photography has existed, it has drastically changed. Professional or aspiring architecture photographers continue to multiply. Even those who ten years ago would never have imagined being able to become known thanks to their shots, today, with a little commitment, can reach incredible numbers.

We can discuss the role of technology and social media. Unfortunately, they are often misused, but these communication tools are also – and above all – “democratic” channels.

For architecture, Instagram marked a decidedly interesting turning point. Today it is possible to “see” any architecture in the world through the eyes of ordinary people – enter the location or the name of the work, and et voilà: hundreds and hundreds of different persons have already immortalized and posted it from every point of view.

In this post, we list what we believe are some of the most influential personalities in architectural photography on Instagram. We are not talking about accounts that collect a selection of architectural images – such as the @archiobjects account 🙂 – but the photographers’ personal accounts. Enjoy and get inspired!

Please note that this article originally appeared (in Italian) on our partner site Marketing For Architects. From the same author.

Some of the best architecture photographers on Instagram

Hufton and crow

Sebastian Weiss

Pedro Kok

a i t o r g a l c e r á

Chris CT 

Iwan Baan

Irini Giotopoulou


Fernando Guerra



Fabian Delcour

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