Le Lac Villa by Le Corbusier, one of the early icons of modern architecture

When referring to modern architecture, the “Le Lac” Villa by Le Corbusier (1923) stands out as one of the first milestones. This lakeside house was not just a building, but a bold statement of revolutionary ideas that shook the world of architecture in 1923 and continue to inspire architects today. “Le Lac” Villa represents a […]

East Meets West at Montreal’s Vogue Hotel

The rejuvenation of Montreal’s Vogue Hotel by Sid Lee Architecture marks a significant transformation in luxury hospitality, offering a blend of Eastern and Western influences right in the heart of the city’s Golden Square Mile. With its redesigned common areas, the hotel has become an amalgamation of grandeur, elegance, and modern design. The architecture firm […]

Looking at Montreal through a modernist elegant lens

In the heart of Montreal’s business district, Sid Lee Architecture, in collaboration with A5 Hospitality and local artisans, has reimagined two floors of the iconic 1 PVM skyscraper. Named Hiatus, this space is more than a mere architectural project; it’s a visionary blend of past and present, designed to inject a new vibrancy into downtown […]

Josafat Zalapa, Mexican culture with Oriental influences

Nestled in a 19th-century edifice in the heart of Morelia City, Josafat Zalapa offers an exceptional culinary journey, weaving Mexican flavors with Oriental inspirations. The restaurant’s design is deeply influenced by the Japanese philosophy of “Omakase,” translating to “I trust you” or “the chef’s selection,” providing patrons with a unique and interactive dining experience. Upon […]

Main architecture firms in Firenze, Italy (more than 100)

If you are an architect living or working in Tuscany, you might find this article listing some of the leading architecture firms in Florence to be of great interest. Perhaps you’ve already perused other lists featuring firms in Milan, Rome, or even Italian Switzerland. However, if you have no plans to venture far from Tuscany […]

Main architecture firms in Switzerland (Ticino)

Are you an architect who has already worked for or applied to the major architectural firms in Milan or Rome? Do you live close enough to the Swiss border, or would you be willing to move to the beautiful Como to start or continue your career in one of the main architecture firms in Switzerland? […]

Architecture student success, top tips and proven strategies for excelling in university

Architecture student

Being an architecture student requires passion, dedication, and commitment, but above all, awareness. In this post, we will explore a series of suggestions ranging from choosing the type of professional you want to become to the importance of learning to use modeling or organization programs. Additionally, we will present advice on how to interact with […]

Architecture public relations, what you need to know to succeed

In the ever-evolving world of architecture, effective public relations (PR) has become a crucial tool for architects and firms to make their mark. The digital age has ushered in new opportunities and challenges for architectural PR. In this article, we will delve into the world of Architecture PR, discussing its significance, strategies, and how to […]

Architect vacancy, your roadmap to ideal opportunities

Architect Vacancy

Are you an architect looking for the perfect architect vacancy? In the competitive world of architecture, finding the ideal position can be difficult. To guide you on this path, we’ve outlined nine effective strategies for architects seeking job openings. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced architect looking for a change, these insights will […]

Some of the best architecture photographers on Instagram

Architecture Photographers to follow on Instagram

We all know Instagram. Since the world of photography has existed, it has drastically changed. Professional or aspiring architecture photographers continue to multiply. Even those who ten years ago would never have imagined being able to become known thanks to their shots, today, with a little commitment, can reach incredible numbers. We can discuss the […]

Architectural firms to follow on Instagram

Instagram has become a work and branding tool for many professionals, including architects and designers. Both on a national and international level, at least in Europe and in many other countries, including the USA and India. This post will discover the leading architectural firms to follow on Instagram to get an idea of the current […]

How to grow on Instagram, 17+ tips and strategies to boost your firm

grow on Instagram

Who wouldn’t want to grow up on Instagram and become famous? Not because we would like to become Influencers, but rather because we’d want to have followers who appreciate and understand our work, whatever it is. Of course, there are still many who have no interest in obtaining greater visibility on Instagram. They rightly enjoy […]

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