Looking at Montreal through a modernist elegant lens

In the heart of Montreal’s business district, Sid Lee Architecture, in collaboration with A5 Hospitality and local artisans, has reimagined two floors of the iconic 1 PVM skyscraper. Named Hiatus, this space is more than a mere architectural project; it’s a visionary blend of past and present, designed to inject a new vibrancy into downtown Montreal.

Hiatus is not confined by time or trend; it exists in a realm of sophistication. Its design elements offer a fresh take on mid-century modern aesthetics, incorporating contemporary accents like iridescent finishes and graphic floral patterns. This serves as both a tribute to and a reimagining of PVM’s original grid-based design. The layout adds dynamism to the establishment, blending the movements of guests and staff in a unique spatial experience.

Upon arrival, visitors encounter a mirrored wall in the elevator hallway, accentuated by vibrant patterns, setting the stage for what lies ahead. Hiatus serves as a multi-purpose space, catering not only as a restaurant but also as a bar, cafe, and a series of meeting spaces integrated into the PVM business ecosystem. The establishment’s design carefully navigates challenges such as limited floor space and low ceilings, transforming them into an intimate, speakeasy-like ambiance. The 45th floor, originally a mechanical room, now offers a cozy atmosphere, while the 46th astonishes with its airy vaulted ceilings and abundant natural light.

Hiatus aims to be more than just a place to dine or work; it offers panoramic vistas of Montreal, embracing the city’s natural and architectural landmarks. Biophilic design elements further enrich this connection between urban life and nature. Each bar within the space is strategically oriented to offer stunning views—whether it’s the St. Lawrence River to the South or the Mont Royal to the North.

The establishment serves as a new focal point in Montreal’s business district, promising not just a dining experience, but a union of history, modernity, and the pulsating energy of the city itself.

ARCHITECTS AND CONSULTANTS. Sid Lee Architecture, Studio Sveja, Atelier Vaste, Lambert & Fils Studio

IMAGES © Alex Lesage

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