The Community Shelter in the Swiss Alps by frundgallina

Mollens frundgallina

On the Swiss Alps, in Mollens, stands this concrete monolith designed 10 years ago by the frundgallina studio. A volume that rises from the ground and characterized by a significant presence, but still inserted at best in the context.

This community shelter was built on a previous farmhouse of which it partly retains the management of spaces and volumes, in order to remember the history of the place, but above all to manage the entrances and to match the topography.

From stone, they moved on to concrete, from a hand-crafted construction to a more advanced one. What doesn’t seem to have changed at all, however, is the spirit of the place. Perfectly preserved thanks to a project that continues to enhance this piece of land in such a wonderful territory.

Foto Copyright: Studio frundgallina – – Milo Keller.

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