East Meets West at Montreal’s Vogue Hotel

The rejuvenation of Montreal’s Vogue Hotel by Sid Lee Architecture marks a significant transformation in luxury hospitality, offering a blend of Eastern and Western influences right in the heart of the city’s Golden Square Mile. With its redesigned common areas, the hotel has become an amalgamation of grandeur, elegance, and modern design. The architecture firm has meticulously opened up the ground floor, integrating the food and beverage section seamlessly into the lobby and lounge areas, framed by a classic colonnade and elevated by strategic lighting. The floor-to-ceiling glass facade connects the interior to the bustling downtown, while local artists’ work enhances the space’s unique appeal.

Architect Martin Leblanc notes that the redesign aims to foster community interactions by bridging the indoor and outdoor spaces. Careful attention to details, from the use of Turkish travertine and Italian black walnut in the reception to Quebec-sourced white oak flooring, amplifies the experience of luxury. Dynamic lighting is not just an architectural element; it’s a medium that sculpts the space, affecting its feel and ambiance throughout the day.

Another noteworthy feature is Café Bazin, a microcosm of chef Antonio Park’s renowned Westmount bistro, which complements the hotel’s allure. The lounge area, adorned with custom furniture and artistic light fixtures, invites guests to unwind and socialize. Adding a touch of tranquility is the Cabinet of Curiosities, a serene library nook secluded from the hustle and bustle, featuring curated art objects and books.

The Vogue Hotel redesign pays homage to art, community, and luxury, capturing the essence of a refined lifestyle. It stands as a testament to Sid Lee Architecture’s vision, weaving together intricate details to create a space that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

ARCHITECTS AND CONSULTANTS. Sid Lee Architecture, LemayMichaud, Camdi Design, Lambert & Fils Studio, E-Lighting, Venosa Interiors, Cygne Béton

IMAGES © Alex Lesage, Maxime Brouillet

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