Hotel Natura Extension: Design Meets Nature

Hotel Natura, part of the Rogla sports and tourist resort, was originally designed as a high-end accommodation, but the initial vision was never fully realized. Now, there are plans to expand the hotel, adding multi-purpose areas and a recreational pool. The challenge is to do this without further disrupting the local landscape.

The proposed design strategy, by ENOTA, is to create an independent yet logically affiliated new section, transforming the facade into a timber gable roof, characteristic of the local environment. This facade, made of freely stacked and unprotected timber, will age naturally and blend with the surrounding landscape, referencing the forest and traditional rural development more than the existing building.

The interior will have a clear division between public and private areas. Public spaces, with taller storeys, will open towards the northern forest, while guestrooms with slightly lower ceilings will face the southern ski stadium. The floor height differences will be bridged by a new “vertical hall” staircase and a double-sided lift. This design promotes abundant natural light and crossviews, even in corridors. Although public and private areas are distinctly separated, they can be reconnected when the whole annex or its individual sections are rented out.

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