The ocean seen from the Aethos Ericeira Hotel

The Aethos Ericeira Hotel, located in Ericeira, Portugal, is an architectural masterpiece unveiled in 2023 by Pedra Silva Arquitectos. This boutique hotel underwent a remarkable refurbishment in an existing building situated in a protected site, with numerous constraints. Despite the challenges, the architects preserved the historical essence of the building, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

One of the key decisions was to relocate the main entrance towards the sea, creating a double-height space that connects the hotel to the stunning ocean panorama. The building’s arches were restored, adding proportion, texture, and depth, while the windows became distinctive protruding metallic boxes, becoming an iconic element.

ARCHITECTS. Pedra Silva Arquitectos @pedrasilva_arquitectos

IMAGES © Francisco Nogueira

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