Josafat Zalapa, Mexican culture with Oriental influences

Nestled in a 19th-century edifice in the heart of Morelia City, Josafat Zalapa offers an exceptional culinary journey, weaving Mexican flavors with Oriental inspirations. The restaurant’s design is deeply influenced by the Japanese philosophy of “Omakase,” translating to “I trust you” or “the chef’s selection,” providing patrons with a unique and interactive dining experience.

Upon entering the historic building, one is greeted by a corridor adorned with artworks, leading to an atmospheric courtyard. The architecture combines Baroque elements with contemporary design, featuring two distinct dining spaces. The primary area is centered around a sculptural bar accompanied by designer seating, encapsulated by massive stone walls that serve as the project’s focus. Here, diners congregate around the chef, eager for the culinary unveiling that awaits them.

The interior design strikes a fine balance between historic architecture and modern aesthetics, utilizing a curated selection of furniture, decor, and materials to evoke an elegant, yet restrained ambiance. The concept also places great emphasis on lighting, employing indirect illumination to frame the building’s limestone walls, thus enhancing their historic character. The choice of materials was meticulously executed, featuring wooden floors and pigmented cement coatings that reflect the restaurant’s essence. This thoughtful design integration enriches the overall dining experience, turning it into a confluence of culinary art and architectural history.


IMAGES © César Belio

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