A space created by the sky

Secret Sky is the name that the design studio * Alibi Studio has given to this creative renovation of an existing barn in a state of abandonment and decay. A structural cut divides the building into two parts and allows the Sky to enter the building. The intervention makes it possible to maintain the shape […]

Japanese stacking colourful blocks

The Stacking Blocks by the Japanese design studio A4 are simple wooden blocks artfully rounded off by the talented carpenters of the Yoshino area, Japan. Each set is shaped and coloured with care to create sculptural compositions that could enrich any environment. To find out more and to purchase these A4 study stacking pads, visit […]

A collection of Venetian floors

Marble and other natural materials are the protagonists in this inspirational series of Venetian floors. Whether historic residences or churches of the Serenissima, these images tell of a tradition and know-how typical of the area that is probably unique. Collecting these splendid examples of Venetian floors is, of course, an architect – Marcello Bondavalli of […]

Origami Sushi restaurant, VSHD Design

Origami, a favorite Jumeirah neighborhood eatery and homegrown Dubai concept, now has a new home at The Dubai Mall. The restaurant, launched in 2014 to offer a fresh take on quality-grade sushi in Dubai, has an entirely new look at its recently opened branch. Designed by Dubai-based VSHD Design, Origami’s interior makeover features simple forms […]

The unprecedented internal-external relationship in a seaside museum in Yucatàn

Designed by the local studio Estudio MMX, this seaside museum stands out for investigating and interpreting the relationship between inside and outside in a truly unique way. Thanks to the welcoming climate in which it stands and the moral need to have an inclusive and open approach to the context – we are on the […]

The brick car park by Dok architects

It is now even just difficult to conceive a construction technique – or coating – as traditional as bricks to be used for a technical function like a car park. But our cities now more than ever need tradition and comfortable urban environments. But even more, they need construction technologies capable of respecting the environment […]

The house in an introspective cube

If the house is to be a refuge, why not make it so in detail? In S Design Farm‘s Murakoshi House – built in Ota City in Japan – the architects have created a safe place where owners can retreat from the city. An introverted cube whose only openings are towards the sky and towards […]

A linear, minimal and semi-hypogeum house in Gent

Ghent House is one of those private residential buildings that manage to break conventions not just for the sake of doing it, but to bring added value to future owners and to us who can admire the work in photography. The architects of the Thomas Phifer and associates studio designed this residence as a linear […]

Living in a 3D printed house

“The ambition of the Project Milestone partners is that 3D printing concrete eventually become a sustainable construction method that helps solve the housing shortage – as well as offering greater flexibility and custom designs” Project Milestone For a few months now, a Dutch couple has been living in a 95 square meter 3D printed concrete […]

Piscina das Marés, Álvaro Siza

Piscina Das Mares

Like taking a dip in the ocean without a dip in the ocean. Like swimming among the rocks, but without swimming completely among the rocks. Like going to the pool without actually going to the pool. Visit and enjoy “famous” architecture while taking a bath and relaxing. This and much more are the Piscina das […]

Spherical stones by Alicja Kwade

Entitled “Pars pro Toto” and installed at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark in 2018, this installation consists of eight natural stones perfectly worked up to become spheres. Settled in the beautiful Danish museum garden, these stones enrich the visitor’s experience and let themselves be contemplated as only the best works can do. […]

The sensuality of curves inspires the Peaches collection

It might seem trite and in some ways out of place, but this collection of Peaches chairs by Bohinc Studio has in all respects a clear and simple inspiration. The female curves. “The female form has always been a source of inspiration in art, photography, and design, but often with an unrealistic eye or as […]