“Hong Kong Kolour”, a photography series by Mike Pickles

In this series of images halfway between the architectonic and the graphic designer by Mike Pickles – very similar in some ways to the one created on buildings in Spain by Zsolt Hlinka – the author wanted to give a new life and a new meaning to the residential monoliths of the Asian megalopolis. Graphic […]

A look at Berlin and Copenhagen’ architectures by Malte Brandenburg

Simple looks that, however, become something magnificent if immortalized with the right cut. This is what photographer Malte Brandenburg did in this series of shots. He observed the architectural context of Berlin and Copenhagen and returned these fantastic shots that contain not only architecture, but also graphics and art in some ways. A series of […]

Architectural lines of Vancouver by Shava Cueva

In this splendid collection of architectural photographs, Shava Cueva wanted to create a series of images in which lines, colours and reflections of the facades of Vancouver buildings are combined to create magnificent visual compositions. A feast for the eyes. Photo Copyright: Shava Cueva – shavacueva.com – @shavacueva

An essential dark Rotterdam in Oscar Lopez’ photography

Architectural photographer Oscar Lopez immortalized one of the most iconic cities of contemporary architecture in a very particular visual key. The city represented in these shots is Rotterdam and the style in question, as you can see from the images in the gallery, is decidedly dark. They look like simple night photos, but the play […]

Colours and Architecture in Simone Hutsch’ photography

Simone Hutsch

This series of shots elaborated by Simone Hutsch represents – in a graphically revisited key – the Canary Wharf real estate complex in London. It is one of the UK’s main financial centres and many of the tallest buildings in Europe are built in this district, including the second tallest in the UK: One Canada […]

Hungarian Stadiums, György Palkó

In this series of photographs, expert photographer György Palkó gives us a splendid overview of what are Hungarian stadiums in their purest and most essential form. Empty stadiums that represent the “calm before the storm”. The moment when everything has yet to happen. They appear almost naked, but no less fascinating. Find out the name […]

Stunning and colourful Ricardo Bofill’s La Muralla Roja photographed by Sebastian Weiss

In this magnificent series, Sebastian Weiss captured Ricardo Bofill’s highly original “La Muralla Roja” project in Calp, in southeastern Spain. An extraordinary project by the Spanish architect who draws inspiration from the popular housing culture of North Africa. The casbah. In addition to a complex, almost labyrinthine articulation formed by a series of stairs, platforms […]

Matthias Jung’s suspended collage architecture

The series “Houses” of the artist and designer Matthias Jung collects some photographs of architectural facades then stitched together in artistic collages suspended in the void of the landscapes of Northern Germany. These surreal compositions lead the viewer to travel through the various elements that compose them, reviving different expectations and imaginations from time to […]

The digital symmetry of the buildings in Budapest, Zsolt Hlinka

In the “Corner Symmetry” series, architectural photographer Zsolt Hlinka immortalizes some of the most beautiful historic buildings in his hometown (Budapest) and digitally processes them to make them appear perfectly symmetrical. The result is a series of urban scenes that communicate peace and order. A pleasant journey also thanks to the pastel colour that frames […]

The “infinite” architectures of Madrid, Joel Filipe

When I construct my narratives, architecture seems to be reborn and takes on a new life. Joel Filipe Architecture photographer Joel Filipe has made a series of photographs relating to contemporary architecture in Madrid. The peculiarity of these shots is that the skyscrapers are immersed in the fog. From the point of view of the […]

The architectural studio in the container next to the house

Halfway between home working and a traditional office, here comes the idea of converting a commercial container into a splendid compact but functional office. The only problem, in this case, is having the space. But if you have a garden and friendly neighbours like Randy Bens, then it’s all sorted. This upgraded container houses the […]

A car collector’s Villa, Matt Fajkus Architecture

I don’t know if this cantilevered architecture designed by Matt Fajkus Architecture is more fascinating than the splendid cars housed on the ground floor. Probably – in this case – the design of these vintage cars “wins” over the architectural design. Even if it is undoubtedly noteworthy starting from the distribution of spaces, the choice […]