Generating semi-underground introspective courtyards

In the serene landscape of Brianza (Italy), architect Stefano Larotonda has brought to life a transformative project, creating architecture and spaces that we here define as “introspective” – a term rich with positive connotations.

The “Underground Courtyard” is a harmonious blend of functionality, nature, and introspection. Addressing the complex client requests, which encompassed a new entrance, enhanced interaction with open spaces, and the renovation of the basement, the architect devised an elegant and original solution.

The essence of the project lies in a singular and astonishing gesture: the excavation of a space that defines the entire endeavor. This approach not only addresses functional aspects but also introduces a new spatial dimension to the basement. The heart of this “integration,” although not a literal integration but rather an enhancement, is the patio – a brilliant move that illuminates the underground chamber and establishes flexible spatial configurations, adorned with wooden partitions and equipped walls.

Concrete and wood take center stage in this subterranean narrative. The external walls, crafted from reinforced concrete, bear the incision of vertical wooden slats, creating a textured surface. This technique not only enhances visual appeal but also establishes a tactile connection with the interior, where triple-layered panels of solid spruce, painted in green-toned hues, are found. The chosen shades, gray and green, resonate with the colors of the surrounding mountainous landscape, forging a harmonious dialogue between architecture and the natural context.

ARCHITECT. Stefano Larotonda –

IMAGES. Marco Cappelletti – @_marcocappelletti

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