Barn Residence in a Swiss Rural Zone

Be Architektur presents its residential Barn project in a rural area of Switzerland, blending modern design with the historical context of the region. The exterior facade features glazed spruce wood, typical of Swiss barns, and a pitched roof with local-style tile roofing. The windows are concealed behind wooden shutters, while the fixed glazing is protected by wooden sliding doors. A raw steel beam serves as a gutter, and rainwater drains off the sides.

The building adapts to the site’s topography by arranging the ground floor at different heights. The interior design metaphorically “stacks” rooms, creating a sculptural space with interconnected living areas. The use of exposed concrete slabs and plaster walls gives the interior a raw feel.

The freestanding garage, constructed with the same materials, incorporates a photovoltaic system on its roof. The project offers a unique interpretation of the traditional barn typology, establishing a thematic dialogue with surrounding agricultural buildings.

Photo Copyright: Vito Stallone

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