Best architecture YouTube channels

Architecture YouTube Channels

What are the best architecture YouTube channels? Which channels should you subscribe to for great content related to different aspects of the architecture and design world? In this post, I’ll list those that I personally came across in recent years. I’m sure among these, there will be at least a couple that will interest you too!

YouTube is probably my favorite social network. It’s a digital space where you can find a lot of things. From the most mundane moments of leisure to staying updated with news or documentaries, and even original content produced by creatives from around the world. Sometimes these creatives, whether individuals or organizations, are architects.

Unfortunately, a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to watch every video produced by these channels, but there’s nothing stopping us from taking a look and saving those that pique our interest for “watch later.” That way, the next time you’re bored on Instagram or browsing Netflix for a movie, you can go back and enjoy them in peace.

What are the best architecture YouTube channels


A YouTube channel dedicated to architecture offering inspiration, tutorials, and insights into the world of contemporary architecture, including innovative projects and design concepts.

Business of Architecture

Focuses on the entrepreneurial and professional aspects of architecture, providing practical advice on how to effectively and profitably manage an architectural studio.

ArchiTech Network

Explores the latest technologies and innovations in architecture and design, with a focus on 3D rendering, virtual reality, and emerging technologies.

The Local Project

Differs from other channels in this list by not discussing how to do architecture or related topics, but rather focuses on providing inspiration and case studies. Always with well-produced videos and thoughtful communication.

Architecture with Ashley

Managed by an architect who shares personal experiences, practical advice, and insights into architectural work, offering an authentic perspective on the industry.

Stewart Hicks

Run by Stewart Hicks, an architect with a unique vision of contemporary architectural design, sharing ideas, projects, and personal reflections.

30X40 Design Workshop

Provides detailed tutorials and design tips for architects and design enthusiasts, focusing on the creative process and inspiration.

MIT Architecture

Offers a glimpse into one of the world’s most prestigious design and architecture institutions, with videos covering innovations and research in the field of architecture.

Show it Better

Focuses on the visual presentation of architectural and design projects, showcasing advanced rendering techniques and visual communication strategies.

Surviving Architecture

Provides practical and motivational advice for aspiring or emerging architects, helping them navigate the world of architecture.

Llyan Austria

Similar to the previous channel, Llyan Austria offers numerous insights and advice for young architects, as well as in-depth perspectives on various industry trends.


Last but not least, an all-Italian channel with videos ranging from personal advice to in-depth discussions on contemporary architecture, as well as history and current events.

I hope this post about the best architecture YouTube channels has helped you discover something interesting. If you have other suggestions or think I missed something essential (on the topic), don’t hesitate to suggest it in the comments!

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