Reused Bunker 599 “New Dutch Waterline” – RAAF + Atelier de Lyon

Along the New Dutch Waterline, a Bunker of World War II was literally opened in two by studio RAAF + Atelier de Lyon. The Reused Bunker is crossed by a path that further emphasizes the cut in the building.

This lagoon is also very interesting from an historical perspective. It is not a rice field, or a quarry, but it is a trick of the defensive zone. It is an area designed especially for being flooded in times of war and constitute a defense by infantry attacks.

Today this area has only a symbolic value and contains two important landmarks. The project is part of a strategy of local institutions that aims to make this part of territory – rich in history and military infrastructure – a place where establish a national park and other public facilities.

Certainly it is very fascinating, and thanks to the creation of similar projects, capable of enhancing the existing, it is clear that this is definitely the right way to succeed in this purpose.

Photo Copyright: @Rietveld Landscape
Via Architectural Review Archdaily

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