Abandoned gas holders photographed by Richard Chivers

Abandoned gas holders

Architectural photographer Richard Chivers photographed a series of abandoned gas holders across England, over thirty shots in cities across the country, including Leeds, Manchester, Brighton and Sunderland. Just as Piercarlo Quecchia did with the defensive monoliths, in the same way, Richard Chivers fixed these fascinating gigantic structures with splendid images.

The reason that prompted him to create a “documentary” work of this kind is that many of these examples are now in danger of being demolished. In the best of cases recovered and incorporated into new architectural developments, but unfortunately, most of the time, those gas holders would erase them forever.

Three or four years ago I read an article in the news that most were to be demolished so I decided I would try and capture some of them before they were lost forever” Richard explained to Dezeen.

The images themselves become a testimony of our industrial heritage and for some people a nostalgic testimony of a place where they lived.

Richard Chivers

Foto Copyright: Richard Chivers – rchivers.co.uk@richchiversphoto

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