Wooden Houses: a series of residential buildings that chose it proudly

We all love Wooden Houses. We all like its heat, its nuances, the feel of its surfaces and we all broadly agree about its usefulness when talking about strategies to control the environmental impact of buildings.

Increasingly, the wood is used as a coating material for buildings – step by step the connotation that saw it as appropriate only for cottage or mountain buildings has been left behind. Now it’s easy to find it also in urban contexts and associated with much more contemporary materials. Architects and designers use it in many different ways nowadays, probably because by adopting it, they are able to reach effects that only this material can give.

Being in front of an house completely covered by wood – beyond the construction technology used – is almost always a nice meeting, dense of the awareness, sometimes only apparent, to have to deal with an extremely ecological and innovative architecture.

Here below we explore a series of Wooden houses. Click on the images to focus the project.

Bedrooms´ volume wooden façade, some blinds opened

Wooden Houses

Wood House (4)

Wooden Houses

Wood House (6)