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Valente Contract

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In the heart of Brianza, defined by some as the home of design, or even “the Silicon Valley of design” cit. there is a reality of artisans whose main purpose is metalworking for design and architecture. They are Valente Contract.

Authentic excellence of the territory we have had the pleasure of getting to know up close in recent months. Not only as simple visitors, but also as a designer looking for skilled hands who could produce our modular metal bookcase concept. This research and collaboration turned out to be a wonderful experience, and the bookstore is still making good progress.

On more than one occasion, we have had the opportunity to visit the new production site of the Valente company, precisely in Cantù, and to observe with our own eyes all the beauty that lies behind a craft activity like this one.

Walking among the workstations, everything takes you to that world of craftsmanship and mastery. The noises, the materials, the processes and the technical drawings pinned to walls or tables tell of a productive atmosphere that those like me who live most of the time behind a screen were perhaps also forgetting could exist.

Yet, you can breathe this atmosphere in every corner of the Valente company – and it is further contaminated with a fresh and genuine passion when you stop talking with one of the owners like Vincenzo, for example. To whom we also interviewed, we will publish the piece shortly.

Metal for design and architecture

There is beauty.

Not only in the attention to detail, in the mastery and sensations we talked about a little while ago, but also and above all in the raw materials. In the surfaces and finishes, that metal, once worked, can return.

Architects and designers here can find experts able to support them even for the most complex projects. Or, if you are looking for inspiration, you can discover a whole range of surfaces that you can use in your next project, whether you are looking for particular finishes or creating customized furniture elements or even metal sculptures, for example.

To get an idea, consult the dedicated section of their website, where there are many variations of metal surface processing. A peculiarity of Valente is, in fact, the absolute flexibility and the ability to respond to the needs of designers. Also, and above all to customizations.

Their model of doing business and helping architects and designers is integrated with a technical study that can fully support the production and engineering part of the product.

Metal for architecture and design is a world to be discovered that offers numerous advantages. The possibilities are truly incredible, and the opportunity to meet such professionals is something that I would recommend to any architect or designer who intends to exploit the beauty and expressive potential of metal.

A material to discover and rediscover if you have not yet done so.

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