The colour of metals in Lex Pott’s art series

In this series, the Dutch artist and designer Lex Pott has worked on some metals such as Copper, Aluminum, Brass and Steel, experimenting on them the phenomenon of metal oxidation thus creating different situations to imitate the effects of nature.

A project that showcases metals and their true colours exemplifies a “direct relationship between colour, matter and information.”

The research starts from considering that metals are found in nature in different colours than those we are used to. Naturally occurring copper has a green colour, while iron for example, has an orange / brown colour when found in the earth.

“At first, I was frustrated that everyone was unique. As a product designer, you work hard to create something you can reproduce. After a while, I started to find that every composition was different. The only tricky part is when people buy them, buy the ones they’ve seen, and complain that they look different. I have to explain the whole story to them”.

Lexi Pott on Sight Unseen

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