Jiyoun Kim’s colourful seats from nature

Jiyoun Kim

On the occasion of a public project related to the Hangang Art Park in Seoul in South Korea, the designer Jiyoun Kim was selected to create his artistic intervention for the benefit of the community.

Jiyoun Kim’s installation consists of the permanent arrangement of 24 Dokkaebi stools. The name of the work derives from some ancient Korean folk stories that speak of a fictional monster that rewards people who do good deeds and punishes those who do the opposite.

Each Dokkaebi stool has a cylindrical painted stainless steel design at the top with eight different colours – while the body is instead polished to mirror to give the illusion of disappearing and at the same time interacting with the ground.

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Photo Copyright: Jiyoun Kim – jiyounkim.com@jiyounkimstudio

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