Route 66 Architecture photographed by Hayley Eichenbaum

Ruote 66 architecture

Photographer Hayley Eichenbaum created a series of images documenting the architecture along the American Route 66 road.

This series of shots can admire almost metaphysical and surreal subjects such as neon-lit motels or retro convenience stores. A series that came to life during the eight journeys that Hayley Eichenbaum made on this road crossing the country for one reason or another.

“I hope to capture moments that are reminiscent of classic movie sets […] I guess my shots were made just before the climax of the story or right after. I like that tension: devoid of characters but full of emotion and color”, Hayley Eichenbaum explained to Dezeen, citing Stanley Kubrick as a point of reference.

Photo Copyright: Hayley Eichenbaum –

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