Modular Cliff House suspended on the ocean


This is great. Not the usual great villa ultra luxurious, but simply an “house” with the ocean instead of the foundations – The design studio Modscape, specialized in prefabricated architecture, had the courage to design this unconventional structure in a way absolutely unique. It is located in Australia, in the resort “Victoria”. The project is very advanced technologically and conceptually, even if it’s intended for a couple looking for a vacation home.

The cliff house is imagined by the designers as a natural extension of the landscape, using technologies of modular design and prefabrication methods they have turned the canonical concept of the stairs going to the upper floors, and here they have invented this house that anchored to the rocks, falls from floor to floor into the ocean. The entrance, which houses the indoor parking spaces, is the highest level and is the first plan that you meet coming from the mainland – here an elevator connects each level sequentially. The interior furnitures are minimal and essential, first of all because they don’t want to detract from the view of the ocean, which alone furnishes any interior space already, but also to contain the weight on the structure.


The technology used is that of precast modular, which allowed control of the project in the smallest parts up to the vine. Otherwise it would not have been possible to make sure this architecture. Due to the prefabrication the designers have been able to superimpose a series of modules, each anchored in the rock with steel pins.


From the architectural point of view this house is very satisfactory. The functions are divided by levels, all linked by lift and stairs, which assure privacy and tranquility just to enjoy the scenery without too much distraction. Also looking at the layout of the building in all its plans, it is possible to see how the designers have always designed spaces according to the principles of flexibility techno-typological – contemporary design method that allows homes serviceable at best, and be flexible in time.


Photo copyright: @Modscape

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