Milano DesignWeek14 – “Feeding new ideas for the City”

The city is alive , growing and evolving . This idea has led the event by Interni Magazine for Fuorisalone DesignWeek14. During this week we saw a series of meetings , ideas, visions and architectures by various designers supported by the largest companies in the industry .
The facilities provided by Interiors magazine take place at Università statale di Milano and Brera Botanical Garden – In this post we will see the works shown at the university .
The exhibition’s title is a clear reference to what a year from now will be the biggest event of the moment – Expo2015 . Interni has chosen this subject just to fit in the path that will find its own climax during the universal exposition , whose message is ” Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life .”

On the cover – FEEDING THE EARTH

Author archaea
Archea is a group of over 80 architects founded by Degree Andreini , Mark and John Casamonti Polazzi , is a hub that operates in Milan, Rome , Beijing , Dubai , St. Paul as well as the original home of Florence.

The installation consists of ten large trees made of bamboo arranged in two rows . The wood draws a series of arches that recall other environments . These stylized trees symbolize the cyclic of life .


Author: MVRDV
Design studio based in Rotterdam famous throughout the world for its provocations , but above all for the solutions and experimental research on a variety of issues .

Their work represents a possible model of urban growth. This eccentric and highly conceptual installation wants to offer an alternative to the current developments of the metropolis – in contrast to the uncontrolled development of big cities, in which towers destroy the small traditional villages, MVRDV proposes a model that takes into account the necessity of quality of life – a village developed vertically.


Author: Walter Maria de Silva
He is currently Head of Design of the Volkswagen group – has created “primarchitettura” , a space focused on architectural aspects of the car design.

The installation aims to highlight the architectural structure of an automotive project . The structure is represented by a cubic white pavilion , located in the center of the court , in which are shown a series of movies on different screens of an experimental Audi car. The exterior instead is characterized by a visual effect that gives a sort of dynamic to the cube . On this front the designer put a red element .


Author: Torafo Architects
Tokyo studio founded in 2004 by the architects Koichi Suzuno w Shinya Kamuro . Always authors of technologically innovative projects ranging from architecture to design

The installation consists of a house with moveable walls that open and close to the surrounding environment in a game of LED lights . In the structure coexist some typical features of the traditional Japanese with technological characteristics of our time. In this case the designers invite to create a strong link between the natural and the artificial energy , pushing to create living systems that can interact and come into equilibrium with the surrounding environment.


Author: Atelier Bow -Wow
Studio founded by Japanese architects Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kaijima , become famous thanks to the publication of their research “Pet Architecture”

The installation windowscape revolves around the role of the windows in architecture and is the culmination of a research carried out by the Japanese company YKK AP . It is a tunnel composed solely of windows , which highlights the role of the threshold. Through reflective surfaces that are ” alive ” with the passage of people , the architects wanted to create an suggestive installation.


Author. dRMM
Study of British architects composed by Alex de Rijke , Philip Marsh and Sadie Morgan

In this case, the authors have drawn the previous version of their work that they had already made at London Design Festival 2013.


Author: Paola Navone
Designer and architect from Turin

Falling from the sky, this seed shows multicolored and very eccentric. Showcases its creativity and its beauty through its essence.


Author: Nemesis & Partners
The architects winners of the competition for the construction of the Italian Pavilion Expo 2015 – Michael Mole and Susanna Tradati .

This installation takes up the motif of the exterior facades that characterize the Italian pavilion at Expo 2015. The design recalls the nature and its laws of uncontrolled growth. The material is biodynamic cement , a premixed organic capable of returning a warm and vibrant materiality similar to the stone , the result of innovative technology developed by Italcementi and Styl Group comp .


Author: Speech & Tchoban kuznestov
Russian Architects & Tchoban kuznestov founders of their self-titled studio .

Designers give life to all flows of information in the city nowadays, they design this hypothetical cloud communications and place it in the middle of the great court of the university.


Author: Ferruccio Laviani
Architect and designer

According to the designer, the term contagion has not always a negative connotation, depends on the context in which it is located. If we deploy it in the context of creativity here assumes positivity.

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