Fuorisalone 2016 | The events not to miss during the Milan Design Week

fuorisalone 2016

Fuorisalone 2016 has arrived. The most awaited week for architects and designers is about to begin, from the 12th to the 17th of April, Milan will shine to host another edition of the Salone internazionale del Mobile. During Milan Design Week you can’t be everywhere at once nor see every design content, but you can organize and make the most of your free time.

Below Archiobjects offers you a post that contains key information you should know about Fuorisalone 2016, and a list of selected events. Enjoy the reading! And if you want to share a few opinions on a visited location don’t hesitate to write in the comments.

Which are the areas to visit during Fuorisalone 2016?

FuoriSalone 2016

Milan is big, but not that much. In this map you can see the areas that are worth visiting. From traditional Tortona, Brera and Lambrate, the poles of the 5 VIE Art + Design & San Babila, through the evergreen Triennale Design Museum.

If you are lucky and you can spend an entire day exploring the Fuorisalone 2016, then you can afford not to have programs and walk along the streams. If you have to cut out some time in the afternoon or even at lunch, then you could split your visit in three, visiting the three major poles and their associated annexes.

Milano Design Week 12th– 17th  April 2016 – Archiobjects’ list of events

TIME IS TIME @ Superstudio Più (via Tortona, 27).
12th – 17th  April 2016

Time is time

The Japanese brand Citizen also this year continues exploring of the intense relationship between light and time through a travel into the world of watchmaking. The art installation by Tsuyoshi Tane is a surreal space that allows visitors to perceive the nature of time and focus on the meaning of moments.


FOREST OF LIGHT @ Cinema Arti (via Pietro Mascagni, 8).
12th – 17th  April 2016

fuorisalone 2016

Sou Fujimoto, the author of the Serpentine Gallery in London, collaborates with Cos to create a forest made by light cones. An interaction among space, body and visitor’s emotions will make the experience unique for each of them. Illumination will react to people’s presence into the space generating variations in light density, mirrors will create an “infinite effect” and the noise of a natural forest will echo in the whole exposition space.


VESTAE @ Albergo Diurno (Piazza Oberdan).
12th – 17th  April 2016


For the 2016 edition of the Salone del Mobile,  twenty students of Creative Academy – Richemont Group under the guidance of Alberto Nespoli and Domenico Rocca realize a capsule collection inspired by wellness, where creative ability meets artisanal savoir-faire. Showcased in an exceptional location. Only 50 visitors at a time will be allowed.


THE SOFT POETRY OF RANDOMNESS @ cc-tapis (via San Simpliciano, 6).
12th April, from 6 PM

soft poetry of randomness

On the occasion of Salone del Mobile, STUDIOPEPE interprets the fascinating balance between materiality and craftsmanship with “The Soft Poetry of Randomness.”

An installation that explores wool, a cosy and generous raw material which is always inspiring due to its versatility and beauty in every step of production. A noble material transformed into an object thanks to craftsmanship. The spaces of cc-tapis showroom will be a theatre to this metamorphosis which will involve sight, touch and smell. Wool becomes the main element in an installation covering the space in a random and poetic manner.

Quadro Celeste, the new collection of rugs and wallhangings by Studiopepe, will be at the centre of this installation.


ORTO CINETICO @ Piuarch (via Palermo, 1).
12th – 17th  April 2016

Orto cinetico piuarch

Piuarch celebrates the Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz- Diez with an optical art installation realized together with landscape architect Cornelius Gavril using botanic essences. The courtyard is made dynamic and suggestive by color effects.


HEM – ICE CREAM SOCIAL @ Accapiù (via Varese, 12).
12th – 15th April 2016

hem ice cream social

Hem Studio will serve Ice-Creams inspired by the new Last Stool Splatter as well as debut new additions to the collection with designers such as Max Lamb, Philippe Malouin, Karoline Fesser and Studio deFORM.

Ice Cream Social is a project inspired by the art of sharing and socializing and Hem products celebrate the Italian tradition of meeting to share food with friends and relatives.


FLORISTERIA (via Sbodio, 32).

12th – 17th  April 2016


Floristeria is a temporary project, curated by Massimo Santi, founder of “Al Verde”, and David Beltran, founder of “Flor”, during the Milan Design Week 2016.  A huge industrial space, completely dressed by flowers, colors, lights and spring fragrances, that brings together food, events and musical avant-garde sessions, to share energy, projects, ideas and good vibes. Floristeria offers the best energetic and green pause with healthy, raw and natural menu: bowl salads, green wraps, detox soups, fresh smoothies, fruit salads, floral drinks and delicious vegan cakes.


WELCOME HOME (via Stendhal, 36).
12th – 17th  April 2016

welcome home

Ikea Italia and Gnambox will welcome you in a place dedicated to conviviality and relax, projected to have a pausa during the Design Week frenzy. A domestic space opened to the public, where the passion for food gets together with love for home. Welcome Home is also an occasion to present the new Ikea collection designed by Ingegerd Raman.


HERRING BONES @ Spazio Sanremo (via Zecca Vecchia, 3).
13th April, from 6 PM

hering bones

The Israeli duo of designers Raw Edges will transform Sanremo Garage in a big laboratory animated by artists as a perpetual performance. A nee step of their work with a search on patterns, lines, forms and colors.


LIFE IN THE CITY @ One Works Studio (via Statuto, 11).
12th – 16th  April 2016, from 10 AM to 8 PM


One of the most important architecture firms in Milan opens its door to share City Life project insights and telling people about the “making of a plaza”.


PERSPECTIVA @ Fragile (via San Damiano, 2).
Vernissage on the 14th April from 6.30 PM

perspectiva MDW

Fragile, during FuoriSalone 2016, hosts a hub with nine different events and eight designers.


AUSTRIAN DESIGN PARTY @ Villa Necchi (via Mozart, 14).
14th April, from 7 PM, upon registration only

FuoriSalone 2016

The exhibition – organized by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA and designed by Georg Oehler – will be held in the famous Villa Necchi Campiglio, an architectural gem in central Milan. Here, around 60 companies, designers and students will present their latest work to an international audience of industry professionals.


DESIGN SUNDAY BRUNCH @ Gli Orti di Leonardo (via Aristide de Togni).
17th  April, from 11 AM to 6 PM

design brunch MDW16

An occasion to spend the last day of Fuorisalone 2016 in a fairy place. A garden in which will be possible to have a brunch amidst exotic animals, soft colored clouds and color effects with live music by Sucuni Jazz Banda.


50 MANGA CHAIRS @ Chiostro Minore di San Simpliciano (piazza Paolo VI).
12th – 17th  April 2016

manga chairs

After being at Friedman Benda Gallery in New York, fifty chairs designed by Nendo arrives at Milan Design Week. They are all characterized by Japanese manga features.


FAILURES @ Cascina Cuccagna (via Muratori).
8th – 17th  April 2016

Milan Design Week

During Fuorisalone 2016, Cascina Cuccagna hosts Failures, a project curated by Raumplan. Stories of errors in art and design: failed projects from which good intuitions have raised giving input for new research patterns. Exposition comprehends pieces by Aldo Rossi, Alessandro Mendini, Ettore Sottsass, Marco Zanuso, Anna Castelli and Richard Sapper.

Failure is key to interpret paths behind every project.


OPEN BORDERS @ Università Statale di Milano.

OPEN BORDERS fuorisalone 2016


ARCHI-SET @ Base (via Bergonone, 34).
15th April, from 11 AM to 1 PM

Abitare together with On printed paper offers a moment to discuss about co – design. 9 designers and architects will have 7 minutes each to share their own experience of “do it together”.


HOME SMART HOME @ Samsung District.
12th – 17th  April 2016

Samsung and Zero create an area to take a break from Design Week frenzy.


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