Anthropomorphic architectures

anthropomorphic adj. and s. m. [from gr. ἀνϑρωπόμορϕος, comp. of ἄνϑρωπος «man» and -μορϕος «-morph»]. – 1. adj. Which has the appearance of a man, or is depicted in human form

It is often said that “walls have ears”, but sometimes they even have noses, eyes and mouths if we look at this series of examples of anthropomorphic architectures that we have collected on the web by sifting through the blog on Tumblr of arquitecturb.

Examples of buildings that directly or indirectly – or through the explicit will of the architects or not – recall human faces and expressions.

Obviously, in my opinion, the best cases of these anthropomorphic architectures are those which do not openly manifest this intention, but which instead happens almost by chance.

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