Is it still possible define it architecture? | 18 Misleading buildings

Misleading buildings that look like books, tea cups, turtles, ducks or whatever else. Thanks to the web we discover a lot of this extravagant stuff every day. I do not believe that these buildings that pretend to be something else can be called architecture with all the dignity that is behind this word.

Them are much closer to art, entertainment or cinema. Not to architecture. In common with conventional buildings have only the size and the possibility to accommodate people. But only these two points are not enough to represent the idea of architecture.

In any case, these misleading buildings are really strange and occasionally surprising, some even original, others lot less.

Below we have compiled a list of the most uniques in the world found on the web, if you are interested in this topic follow our board on Pinterest – you will find many others pics!

Misleading buildings
Bookstore, Aix en Provence, France

Misleading buildings
High School Crinkled Wall by Wiesflecker Architekten, Austria

Infoversum, Vrydemalaan, Netherlands

Japan, Niimi company

Kelpies, Falkirk, Scozia by Andy Scotts

Kinemax Theater, France

Arco di Trionfo, Parigi

Lighthouse Baseball Field, Philadelphia

Basket Building, Ohio, USA

Mushroom shed, ?

Sneaker Tectonics by Chris LaBrooy

Tea Museum, China

The Big Strawberry Coban Australia

The World of Coca Cola, Pemberton Place, Atlanta, USA

Turtle, house in unknown desert

New York World’s Fair 1964 - Uniroyal Giant Tire
New York World’s Fair 1964 – Uniroyal Giant Tire

NewYork Worldsfair -1939 - National Cash Register Pavilion
NewYork World’s fair -1939 – National Cash Register Pavilion

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