GRiD, a Multifunctional Public Space in Singapore

GRiD is an ambitious architectural redevelopment project located in Singapore. It is a modern shopping center and educational hub designed specifically with the new generations in mind. Positioned between the prestigious School of the Arts (SOTA) and some historic shopping galleries, GRiD serves as an excellent example of repurposing existing buildings, offering a valuable alternative to the far more energy-intensive demolition and construction processes.

The innovative approach of the SPARK design studio is evident in the transformation of GRiD into a true and captivating “beacon,” both visually and in terms of functionality. The post-industrial aesthetic, characterized by neon lights and impactful utilitarian graphics, contributes to creating a unique experience for visitors. It is nothing less than a cultural recognition of the luminous and fascinating atmosphere that distinguishes some traditional venues in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

One of the key elements of the project is the creation of the new “social stair” located in front of SOTA, serving as a hub for people flowing towards the vibrant dining establishments located in the basement. The staircase, a welcoming and multifunctional space, is designed to become a gathering place for friends, a venue for screenings, or a spot to enjoy live performances and other events hosted within GRiD.

The opening of GRiD marks a significant turning point in the architectural and commercial landscape of Singapore, demonstrating how positive transformation can breathe new life into existing buildings and create a dynamic and engaging environment for the new generations. SPARK’s approach sets a benchmark for the industry, promoting sustainability and the preservation of urban heritage.

ARCHITECTS. Spark @sparkarchitects

IMAGES © Studio Zeros

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