Fondazione Prada Milano – Designed by OMA


Opened on May 9th, Fondazione Prada Milano is a great complex of buildings and public spaces that you have to visit if you pass around here. It is located in Largo Isarco, Milano and it is restored and designed by OMA.  

The project takes place on a former gin distillery, comprising warehouses, laboratories, brewing silos. The intervention, led by Rem Koolhaas, Chris van Duijn and Federico Pompignoli  introduced some architectural elements which are inserted at best in the context of the new Fondazione Prada.

Between new interventions there are three new buildings: a museum for temporary exhibitions; a cinema: and the iconic gold tower, that contains a gallery for the foundation’s permanent collections.

“The Fondazione Prada Milano is not a preservation project and not a new architecture. two conditions that are usually kept separate here confront each other in a state of permanent interaction — offering an ensemble of fragments that will not congeal into a single image, or allow any part to dominate the others” – explain Rem Koolhaas on designboom “New, old, horizontal, vertical, wide, narrow, white, black, open, enclosed — all these contrasts establish the range of oppositions that define the new fondazione. by introducing so many spatial variables, the complexity of the architecture will promote an unstable, open programming, where art and architecture will benefit from each other’s challenges”

Here below our personal collection of photos taken during a visit to Fondazione Prada Milano. Personally i have to say that the most impressive thing in this project is the second courtyard, even more of the gold tower.

Fondazione Prada Milano

OMA Fondazione Prada (6)

OMA Fondazione Prada (3)

Fondazione Prada Milano

OMA Fondazione Prada (20)

OMA Fondazione Prada (14)

OMA Fondazione Prada (9)

OMA Fondazione Prada (12)

OMA Fondazione Prada (19)

OMA Fondazione Prada (18)

OMA Fondazione Prada (16)

OMA Fondazione Prada (15)

Two photos that focus on the floor-material in the first courtyard and on the facade-material of the museum building.

OMA Fondazione Prada (5)

OMA Fondazione Prada (7)

All photographs ©Luca Onniboni – (do whatever you want, reminding us)

Here the Bar Luce, inside the compelx, desigend by american director Wes Anderson.



image ©designboom

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