The unprecedented internal-external relationship in a seaside museum in Yucatàn

Designed by the local studio Estudio MMX, this seaside museum stands out for investigating and interpreting the relationship between inside and outside in a truly unique way. Thanks to the welcoming climate in which it stands and the moral need to have an inclusive and open approach to the context – we are on the seashore in one of the most beautiful peninsulas in the world – the Progreso Geology museum fully succeeds in its intent to create a hybrid space.

The museum, characterized by a series of semi-independent structures, is entirely covered in chukum, a natural finish of Mayan origin. This plan composition gives life to a succession of places between corridors, vegetation, water, lights and shadows. 

The museum consciously synthesizes local Mayan knowledge with contemporary architectural approaches, thus generating a new identifiable and appropriable public space for the people of Progreso” Estudio MMX on designboom

Photo Copyright: Dane Alonso – – @ dane.alonso

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