The latest collections in Artemide

Born in 1959 from the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza, Artemide is still today a company specialized in the lighting sector which represents one of the many Italian design excellences.

A company that throughout its history has won numerous gold compasses and that has invented globally recognizable icon objects. Like the Ptolemy for example, available here in the vintage shop of Retello.

History is history though. What makes companies like Artemide great is also the ability to innovate and look to the future with new products and stories. Like the latest born in this 2020 that we tell you here below.

Bontà di Davide Oldani

Flexia by Mario Cucinella

Gople Outdoor by BIG

Gople portable by BIG

NUR Acoustic by Ernesto Gismondi

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