Pono, the do-it-yourself chair for children by Alessandro Simone

Designed for elementary school children, this do-it-yourself (childproof) chair named “Pono” is a project that Alessandro Simone created during the Product design master ‘ECAL in Lausanne organized in collaboration with the Danish office furniture company Flokk.

I have found that children learn to use iPads and computers long before they can build anything with their hands. So my approach wanted to balance the practical and human aspects of learning

says Alessandro Simone on Domus 1067.

A simple and fun project which restores an almost “playful” soul to design. A “Design” that is now more and more often associated with art, becoming too frequently a luxury item for the few.

How is everything made stable? It is again simple, with two screws on the back.

Photo Copyright: Alessandro Simone – alessandrosimon.com@alessandrosimon

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