A journey through the Serbian landscape


I took these images in the north of the Serbian landscape. A vast and seemingly endless territory. Serbia is a country with a very troubled past, full of wars and internal strifes, but for some years has been trying to emerge as productive land.

I do not know if it is because of its history or if it is because of the extreme fertility of the land, but what we can notice is that Serbia is full of greenery and fertile farmland.

If we look at a map of this country, surely we will see a large amount of land used to produce food, but certainly we will realize the presence of numerous rural villages scattered in every corner of the country.

Serbian landscape

The Serbian landscape, made of sparsely populated areas

In this country we go back a few decades. Not so much a question of civilization and backwardness, but rather about the distribution of the population in the area. We are facing huge anthropized grasslands, but completely uninhabited. Easy to imagine how once most of the world was in the same situation.

Taking the example of Italy; here we can not easily find large areas completely free of human intervention. Certainly exist, but they are less and less. We’re not talking about mountains or valleys of difficult human activity, but of the plains. Plains in this region offer almost totally to the landscape, leaving only a few traces of built.


The apparent boredom of the Serbian landscape

Although the landscape in Serbia is not designed or varied, a situation of this kind is preferable to a generic urban sprawl that invades every part of the territory. The problem that we face in Serbia is essentially the boredom of the place. Of course we all love the green, as well as all love the sea, but in both cases, and in the case of Serbia, the landscape appears likewise in the horizon as with the oceans, boredom takes over easily.

Impossible to design a single field or a single forest, but maybe you could think of something on a territorial scale that characterizes the landscape even where the plain try to flatten everything.

Serbia, for my opinion, is fantastic. The apparent infinite horizon makes you think and certainly surprise you. Then if it does not change appearance is not important, what counts is the fineness of these places, and the wonder to find strictly traditional small villages, that take us back a few generations.

Serbian landscape

All photographs ©Luca Onniboni – (do whatever you want, reminding us)

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