The Big “O” Architectonic | Montreal’s Olympic stadium

So-called Big O because of its circular shape seen from above, Montreal’s Olympic stadium designed by French architect Roger Taillibert hosted the 1976 Games of the XXI Olympiad. On this occasion, young Romanian Nadia Comăneci scored seven perfect 10.0 and won three gold medals, including the prestigious All-Around for the first time in the history of the games.

A few curves subside on the ground, although the angularity invades the space. Polished or grooved, the omnipresent concrete confers a certain austerity and futuristic design to the edifice, even today. These images were inspired by the architectonic of these some 400 000 cubic meters of granular material.


The two architectures superimpose in this image trick. The visual architecture of the photographer crops the architecture of the designer, producing images oscillating between reality and fiction.
The lagged perspectives of the polymorphous whole give us strangely real photographs.





Text and images by Gerald Livin –  photographe[r]

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