The architecture of musical instruments in the photographs of Charles Brooks

Auckland photographer Charles Brooks was (and is) primarily a cellist. In fact, since childhood, he has dedicated himself to music, and in the last twenty years, he has performed all over the world with various orchestras.

Being in close contact with musical instruments all his life led him to have a particular interest in their internal architecture.

I never really knew what was going on inside. That was a realm reserved for the luthier. From time to time, while repairing an instrument, we would take a rare look inside, which was always an electrifying experience.”

Charles Brooks

The “Architecture in Music” series was born from this creative drive—a series of surprising photographs that reveal the insides of pianos, flutes, violins and other instruments.

They are truly fascinating hidden worlds. They make us understand that sometimes a change of point of view or a new scale is enough to discover new beauties and wonders.

Photo Copyright: Charles Brooks – @charlescellist –

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