Rediscovering the Elegance of Red Bricks in a Contemporary Home

Situated just north of downtown Toronto, the Noel Residence, a single-family home designed by StudioAC, distinguishes itself with its unique and innovative design. The concept revolves around a series of “living boxes,” providing each room with its unique spatial identity and experience, while maintaining an overall sense of cohesion.

The ground floor boasts a variety of living spaces, each offering clear views of adjacent outdoor areas, facilitating localized vistas and ample natural light. The upper floor is characterized by two cubic masses, each with a subtly hipped roof and a large skylight, bringing light into the deepest parts of the plan.

The exterior of the Noel Residence features locally sourced red brick, a staple of Toronto’s residential vernacular over the past century. The bedroom wings on the upper floor shift north and south, creating overhang conditions along the front of the house, resulting in a lit canopy at the entrance and a covered outdoor living space at the back.

Photo Copyright: Doublespace Photography

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