Objects, Stories – Tacchini will be taking the story of its furniture to the theatre

In January 2019 Tacchini will be taking the story of its furniture to the theatre with a curatorial project by Davide Fabio Colaci in conjunction with the Arsenale Theatre and directed by Marina Spreafico.

Designers have always been used to designing and planning the things that surround people and their living space. Chairs, armchairs, pots and vases, mirrors, lamps and plenty more. Objects close to us form a part of our lives and histories, and just like real people, guard the secrets and tell the stories of those who designed and produced them, interweaving these with the stories of the people who own them or simply desire them. This creates a magical, virtuous combination that the design world often finds difficult to talk about whilst sensing the need to fill in the parts that are missing or difficult to describe. A genuine experiment, which Tacchini has commissioned curator Davide Fabio Colaci to carry out, who affirms: “This experiment is an attempt to describe the symbiotic relationship between an object, a furniture product and the people who designed, manufactured and ultimately lived with it, telling the unprecedented life story of an object through the language of theatre. An aspect that the design world often finds hard to reveal”.

The Arsenale Theatre under the direction of Marina Spreafico, in its tradition as an experimental theatre, will be concentrating Tacchini items and their stories into a single “installation”, mixing furniture, actors and audience with their life experiences. This series of short sketches and dramaturgical pills will in turn interweave with the stories of the products in the collection. In a mysterious and surreal atmosphere
“stories in the story”, a combination of real-life information and pure fantasy, will take shape, describing to us how objects view our life as humans.

Objects, Stories
↳ Teatro Arsenale, via C. Correnti 11, Milan
• 23 January: première by invitation
• 24 and 25 January: entry free of charge open to the public bookings open on: prenotazioni@tacchini.it

Tacchini is a philosophy. Behind every object there is a story and behind every story there is a person. This project gives an account of the work we do on a daily basis: we fall in love with our products, with their stories and the stories of those who manufacture them, with those who continue to hand craft goods, so that this story may continue and be passed on from the designer to the manufacturer and from the manufacturer to the future owner of the product. And so it goes on.

Tacchini sees every product as a point of tangency between experience and research, passion and sentiment, subsequently enriched by us spending time in the places we live in, where we each interact with our own life experience, forming a continuous relay between the present and living memory.


Foto copyright: © Giuseppe Dinnella

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