Jonathan Andrew photography – Impressive Bunkers of WWII

Jonathan Andrew is a English professional photographer that since about 20 years lives and works in Amsterdam. In his career he has worked for National Geographic and other Dutch magazines.

In 2009 he began his journey along the main lines of defense of the Second World War. A unique itinerary, which despite having a tragic meaning, it’s still impressive. He then traveled extensively in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Scotland to photograph what remains of the bunkers of war and other fortifications remained abandoned after the last world war.

More specifically, among the subjects of the photographs by Jonathan Andrew there are the bunkers of the “Atlantic Wall”, the line of fortifications that Adolf Hitler had built along the shores of the Atlantic, from the Pyrenees to Norway

These photographs were all taken at dusk, or a few moments after sunset, because according to the author, the light of day would have flattened the photos. Perhaps it is thanks to this sophisticated expedient that these photos seem to exude history and meanings.

From the author:
“At first I found attractive the geometry and shape of these structures (…) It was as if they were still on guard, and no one had told him that the war was over” –  Jonathan Andrew

Jonathan Andrew photography


Jonathan Andrew photography



Jonathan Andrew photography



Foto copyright: Jonathan Andrew photography