Imperfetto Siciliano, fresh and authentic design Made in Italy

Imperfetto Siciliano

Imperfetto Siciliano is a product design project born in Sicily. A territory rich in natural resources and also a large system of cultures and traditions. Ideal scenario to design from the sites and discover the unique aspects of the material culture that has always accompanied the life of all of us. Our goal is to create a chain of production alternative to contemporary industrial process.

For this, Imperfetto Siciliano designs limited number of everyday objects, making use of the established know-how of specialized companies operating in the area.

Bombo is a ceramic jug for transport, storage and delivery of water. Inspired by an ancient earthenware pitcher known the term Bummulo, an object strongly linked to the farmer of a time when was produced by master potters to carry water from the villages to the countryside, at the dawn of long hot workdays. Fell into disuse is then re-interpreted on popular initiative and converted into a musical instrument (southern Italy).

The project aims to restore the original use in what may be called an icon of the rural life of yesteryear, offering a contemporary reinterpretation. The Bombo jug can hold up to three and an half liters of water, is easy to carry, the pretty yet functional form gives a note of cheer to the table and the outside areas of the house.

Imperfetto Siciliano is a journey to Sicily to discover the wonders…we chosen as the first stop Qal’at al Ghiran or Rocca dei Vasi, known to the world as Caltagirone.

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