H&M flagship store in Rome | Massimiliano Fuksas

One of the last interventions of Massimiliano Fuksas in the heart of Rome is the H&M flagship store. A refurbishment and extension of an historic building.

He has opted for a strong intervention – a disadvantage for conservatives – that, at the same time, can be reconciled the most with the context and with the building itself. This way, everyone is happy.

The “Palazzo ex unione militare” was recently renovated by the Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas. Among other interventions, for the H&M flagship store he has chosen to introduce aleading and towering structure of steel and glass that runs through the four floors of the building, according to a “Parametric” form which is visible only partially from the road.

The so-called “lantern“,  true icon of the project, it’s up on the roof height of about 7.50 m from the ground level and it hosts a scenic space of 300 square meters.

How do you judge it? A too invasive intervention or a great piece of parasite architecture?

store H&M

H&M flagship store

H&M flagship store

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