The controversial EXPO GATE by Scandurra Studio


Since have been revealed renderings of the project, the Expo Gate designed by  Scandurra Studio aroused many doubts and perplexities, especially by the citizens. These uncertainties are due to the unique position that Expo Gate occupies within the historic fabric Milanese, exactly opposite the Castello Sforzesco – an important XV Century historic building.

What is Expo gate?

Designed initially as an information center for the Universal Exhibition, was then transformed into a system of events and meetings open to all citizens. Opened in May 2014, exactly one year before the opening of Expo2015. Symbolically represents a gateway to the themes and content of the universal fair.

It is temporary or permanent?

Currently it is not yet confirmed any of the two hypotheses.


For citizens of Milan and not only them, this place is the history and tradition of the city, therefore to step in at this point is very delicate from a landscape point of view.

The criticisms are then made increasingly harsh from the construction of foundations, which left thinking about everything except for a temporary construction. Another point on which are focused the protesters is the usual difference between reality and render that hit once again. In the images of the project, the structure appeared very light and thin, which has not been fully complied with probably for security purposes.

An appropriate project

It is true, is very visually impactful, interior spaces are not easy to use, especially in height, and it is true, may not like it – but if we stop for a moment to reflect on the reasons for which it was built and on the task that was assigned – then we could agree that regard to the purposes, this building makes sense.. Provides a free plan, is visible and is in a central location of relief – all necessary features that you ask for an information center or a center events.

Right now the ExpoGate rises in all its white and in all its majesty, sometimes almost monumental, near the castle. Meanwhile, citizens and local politicians have continued their battles for its removal when the fair is over. In short, this architecture does not seem to be appreciated by many

What I hope is that this architecture will do his duty to the best until next October and that then can be reused in some other context, perhaps, without waste of materials, moving from this historical point of milan.

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Photographer ©Filippo Romano

All photographs (except where specified) ©Luca Onniboni – (do whatever you want, reminding us)

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