50 Atmospheres of Architectural environments


This year, for the first time, Politecnico di Milano, hosted in Leonardo an exhibition for the occasion of DesignWeek14. “Finally” told students and citizens who could not stand anymore the immobility of the faculty during such events. So the school of architecture was enough to launch a call to action via email and students poured into the patio of the building with hundreds of totally original Architectural environments.

Atmospheres of architectural environments is the theme and the guidelines were simple, it was necessary to communicate an environmental atmosphere, without specifying much more. This has allowed the minds expand and produce very different results to each other. All models were contained in plexiglass boxes the size of 25x25x25 cm within which resided the real work.

Below it is a review of 50 Architectural environments of many students, specifically these 50 pictures are the selection of the team archiobjects, those who have most impressed our attention. Enjoy yourself!

Architectural environments

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