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We are passing from one side of the world to the other, from a well-known architect to a young one dealing with his first project, from an autobus platform roof to a futuristic city- we can do all of this just sitting in front of our computer screen. And this is, potentially, something incredible, because architecture and design can arrive everywhere and the planning references are not lacking at all. Anyway, some reflections rise spontaneously. Every architect can enter the worldwide panorama on the same level. Many different websites on which you can upload your own projects have been created, in order to go around the role of the editor.

This is a democratic method, for sure, everybody has the same chances. Anyway, the best solution is not always to bombard the readers with information and images. In fact, in that way, we risk to flatten everything loosing the uniqueness of communication, the one of specialized magazines, put simply. Sometimes it happens as it was not clear in which context the projects that we are looking at are collocated, not to mention the understanding of the culture from which the numerous design studios, that attract our attention, were born.

For sure, internet has started a process of homogenization of the architectural culture. Today projects seem disconnected from any context and the majority of times it makes no difference if they are in USA, Japan or Europe.





Globalization brings our eyes to observe things, without caring about their stories. Instead of studying the work of an architect that we consider competent, we are pushed to look, at the same time, to 10 different buildings. And then we will just remember some significant images. Present days society is fast and asks for a lot of practical information, quick and concise. These websites answer to this need in a perfect way. Nevertheless, their contribution remains fundamental. The more important thing is to avoid the error of making them our only source of knowledge.

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