Architecture for the visually impaired – Startup Tooteko

Architecture for the visually impaired

The idea of  startup Tooteko  is to succeed providing – Architecture for the visually impaired – the perception of a building by touch and audio description.

Tooteko was born three years ago, at the end of 2012, thanks to the thesis of Serena Ruffato (in collaboration with Fabio D’Agnano, head of the master in digital architecture, and Gilda Lombardi, who deals with communication) for the university master’s degree in Digital Architecture at the University IUAV (University Institute of Architecture in Venice).

Architecture for the visually impaired

How does Tooteko function?

First you need a maquette, a work of art, or a three-dimensional model of the building that you want to make available for use. And in this, 3D printers will definitely be helpful, maybe even another startup. On these models there are then installed NFC tags, tiny chips that do not require power supply and each of which contains the information on the work of art in question. When the hand touches one of the NFC tag, thanks to Tooteko App, they communicate wirelessly with a smartphone or tablet, and turn on the audio track about the point you touch.

In these first three years of operation, Tooteko has already been awarded several times but the best prize is surely to give opportunities, to those who previously had not, to “observe” the beauty of the world.

Watch the video:

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