A “Meteorite” in Eastern Finland, Ateljé Sotamaa

In the woods of eastern Finland, near the town of Kontiolahti, appears this mysterious element which is nothing more than a holiday home designed by the Ateljé Sotamaa studio.

“Meteorite is not a big house, but inside it represents a completely new way of organizing three-dimensional and open living space”

Kivi Sotamaa, co-founder of Ateljé Sotamaa

A total Nordic wood cladding characterizes the interiors of this architecture. Of plastic and decorations or mouldings, there is not the slightest trace. The roof is also made of solid wood, suitably treated to withstand atmospheric agents and age to the fullest. A real-world made up of unconventional rooms that open up and interact with the surrounding landscape.

Meteorite is a small jewel to observe and re-observe both from the inside and the outside.

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